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We are proud to announce that Faces Unlimited have been chosen by the Pauline Quirke Acadamy of Performance Arts to provide Workshops for their students in every one of their schools.

Like us, the PQA are focussed on the children having fun, whilst learning about TV,Films, Theatre, performance and production.... they have so much fun on a Saturday morning and we are thrilled and excited to be a part of that.

We will be travellling to venues accross the UK and will be providing face painting workshops where the children can learn the basics of face painting and develop their artistic skills.  We hope to be able to list here the venues where we will be and the dates - to enable the students to prepare for a day of absolute fun and laughter with this fabulous art form.

      6 - 9 years                  10 - 12 years                         13 +               

Our workshops will be specially formulated to suit all ages from 6 years to 18+ and they are guaranteed that we will do all we can to ensure the students get the most out of their sessions with us.

If you would like us to provide a workshop for you - please get in touch with us.  When you see how much fun this can be for the children the possibilities are endless..!  and when the children are having fun they learn more effectively.. we're looking forward to seeing the children at PQA develop their face painting skills... maybe even finding the face painters of the future.

Have a look at the PQA website link below to see how fantastic this will be for the children, and we're sure there will be more Academy's opening soon - perhaps in a town near you!

Bristol - 13th June - The feedback has been excellent, all the kids had a great and valuable experience. 

Penn - 20th June - We provided - 6 x 1 hour workshops and every one, as much fun as you could cram in an hour.  See you again soon Guys !

More to come soon ...............