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We are proud to offer this product for sale to Painters, and artistes for use either in development of their business, or for their own use in body painting, as props and hair accessories.  We will also sell to the public for personal use and would be happy to provide instructions on how to fit the hair strands into the hair. 

Glimmer Strands

Ultra-fine holographic hair strands adding dazzling light-reflecting shimmers throughout the hair.  Ready to use, these strands are simply tied into the hair without the use of glue or product, whilst wearing Glimmer strands you can wash, blow dry, and style your hair.  You can even use your straighteners (use on a heat setting no hotter than 180 degrees C) as these amaizing strands are heat resistant!  Available in 22 dazzling colours, each pack contains 50 x 36" strands, giving you enough for 4 - 5 separate full installations.  All HairDew (TM) Products are salon professional products and are completely manufactured for use in hair. 

We can even supply a starter pack too to get you started.. The case contains a tail comb, section clips, scissors, product information, and a small water spray. All you need to get started, and best of all - these come free when you order 10 packs of your favourite strands.

Postage is included in the price of the starter pack but not the strands so please remember to add on the approrpriate amount.

Order yours now 

£9.50 per pack

Fantasy colours

    Disco Ball      Gold          Rainbow

Glow in the dark Yellow       Soft Lime

Ocean              Lavendar      

Please state which colours you are ordering on your order informationBright Colours 

  Orange Emerald Green

Royal Blue Blackberry Purple

Please state which colours you are ordering on your order information

Natural Colours

  Champagne             Copper 

  Holographic Black  Jet Black

Please state which colours you are ordering on your order information in your e mail to

Glitter Art Nibs

We have a selection of nibs in 1" nib length for sale for use with Cosmetic Body Glue

We offer pink, orange, blue and purple in this type and we have found this provides the best nib sizes for use in this application

Bottles and caps are also available as are our special practice pack, working pack and Megga pack deals which save you money on buying items separately.

Order through the e mail with payment by Paypal, please allow £1 towards the postage and packing on every order. 

For Henna Art we can provide easy clean nibs in Green and Olive which are great for this application and work well with our empty bottles which also can be cleaned easily for repeated use.

Tips suitable for henna art (green and olive only)

Pack and product prices detailed below

Megga Pack £59.99 - enough product to get your team out there and working for festivals and larger events.

Includes 100ml White Body Glue, 100ml 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, 4 x 3/4 oz bottles, 10 end caps, 24 nibs of assorted sizes.  (let us know if you'd like anything other than 6 of each size) pack also includes 18 pots.

Working Pack £28.99 - a normal working kit which will suit the painter adding this to their party painting kit. You can glitter up to 100 people with this kit (depending upon the size of the design of course !)

Includes 50ml White Body Glue, 50ml 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, 2 x 3/4 oz bottles, 2 end caps, 6 nibs of assorted sizes. (let us know if you'd like anything other than 2 pink, 2 purple, 1 blue & 1 orange nib) pack also includes 18 pots.

Practice Pack £12.99 - a small kit with enough product to get your practice off to a good start.  We would recomend that you have either attended one of Helen's workshops or that you also purchase the DVD also available, in order to get you started with all the instruction you need to help you use the product in a safe and efficient manner.

Includes 1/2oz White Body Glue, 1/2oz 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, 2 end caps, 4 nibs (one of each size). 

Working Nibs

Nibs are available separately and in packs of 6 in any colour combination - just let me know what you would like.

Single Nib = £1.50

Pack of 6 = £7.50


1/2oz bottle and cap = £2.20

3/4oz bottle and cap (oval) = £2.85

End caps

Pack of 5 End Caps = £1.00 or 25p each

empty 50ml bottle and screw on top cap = 70p each or 5 for £3

empty 100ml bottle and screw on top cap = 90p each or 5 for £4.50


100ml White Body Glue = £12.99

50ml White Body Glue = £7.99

100ml Isopropyl Alcohol = £10.99

50ml Isopropyl Alcohol = £4.99

Pre order DVD - working with Glitter - from beginner to advanced

Pre order price £10 (will be released at £15.99 at end of February)

Remember to add on your £1 postage to your paypal payment to