For quality face & body painting - every time

Helen regularly paints for the Birmingham Central Library and the BBC in the Midlands and various other large corporate clients including, Birmingham City Council, Honda F1 Racing Team, British Judo Team, Children's Information Service, Worcestershire County Council, Ikea, National Trust Properties, and various Police Force and Crime Prevention Agencies around the Midlands Area.

When you book Faces Unlimited, you can expect the best quality painting, and we are proud to provide the best in experience and creativity for your event.  Paintings just like those displayed in our gallery, all created whilst working on events and displayed with the parents kind permission.   Some painters spend hours creating special designs for their web pages, we believe that you should see what you get before you book with us and that way you will know exactly the quality you can expect.

If you are unsure how many painters to book at your event you should calculate on a 4 hour booking our painters can paint around 60 - 80 faces each, sometimes more depending upon the requirements of our customer in the chair. 

You can expect to see a full range of paints and glitters and a clean sponge for every child will be used to prevent the spread of any skin/eye infections.

Why book with us;-

*  All painters are fully insured up to £5m

*  All painters have a full CRB check.

*  All painters are guaranteed to be quality checked by us, to ensure quality and profesionalism at all times.

*  We bring all our own equipment including tables and chairs and even water!

*  All painters are experienced in handling any situation, right down to keeping the children in line and happy, to ending the queue at the end of the day.  Something which fills the inexperienced painter with fear.... all in a days work for our tallented and very popular painters.

*  We can provide a risk assessment if required.

*  Finally... and we think most importantly....We will NEVER let you down.

 ........If you need any more reasons to book with Faces Unlimited, just look at the gallery and see the childrens faces.....Remember all of these faces have been created whilst on regular jobs...not after 30 minutes of fussing around at home with expert photography..!

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Companies who show their products at the National Exhibition Centre, are pleased to see just how many clients, face painting can bring to their stand.  It is highly visual and keeps the kids happy while mum and dad can have a look around.

Judo World Cup 2010

Even the Staff get involved !

We'll paint the staff first - then everyone from supporters to competitors !



Belly Painting at Ikea.

Our Painters at work