For quality face & body painting - every time

We regularly paint at large birthday or wedding parties being held in the larger venues around the Midlands.  Catering for up to 1,000 people at a private party, we paint the adults too.  You'll be stunned and overjoyed at the vast amount of colours and glitters we bring to your party, creating just the right atmosphere.

Flexibility on the night can be a key factor and we can be flexible on the number of hours we paint for once we are there.  If you would like us to stay an extra hour.. or even all night.. just come and ask..we'll do our best for you. 

Painting the adults as well as children, everyone can be involved and have that special painting to celebrate in style. 

For ladies, we would offer to paint a small detailed design around the eyes, or a necklace or even painting on the legs and back where their clothing allows.

For Brides and Grooms and even BRMB's naked wedding .... we're on the ball with designs to suit your requirements... (have a look at our new Glimmer Strands - they're great for bridal party and hen nights too. with our Glitter body art, which is fabulous and the pre teens and young adults love them too.... something for everyone.