For quality face & body painting - every time

As soon as you know when your childs party will be, call us to book your top class painter, as we get booked up really quickly.

It may be more cost effective for you to book the premium party package for a day in the week, (ie Monday to Thursday incl) that way you get all the benefits of a weekend party at much less cost, and still using all the same quality equipment too.   

Premium party package - Great Fun for everyone!

A two hour party which includes - Face Painting, and two other attractions from our list...(Funky Hair, balloon modells, nail art or temporary tattoos) for up to 12 children.  Either at home or at a local Church/Village hall.  The more children you have the longer it takes so keeping the numbers down guarantees smiles all round and less work for mum & dad and keeps the children focussed on what is happening.  We have found there is no need to book any other form of entertainment with this package as the children like to be more hands on with the equipment we provide.  And if there's time, we can provide a special treat for one of your adult party guests - (normally dad..!) allowing the birthday child to have some hands on contact with the paint makes the party extra special for them.  Making a memorable occasion even more fun!

Weekend rates (Friday/Saturday & Sunday) are the same as corporate rates so please let us know when the party is and we will quote your booking accordingly.

Basic party package

This package provides you with two hours of face painting and just to give you an idea we can paint quickly and effectively, normally being able to complete 30 - 40 quick faces or 20 - 30 high quality faces in 2 hours. Cost again is dependant upon where and when you are holding the party, so call us for specific quotes.  Please note that because of our committment to our larger corporate clients, weekends are very popular for large events and whilst this is reflected in our quotes for weekend parties, it does not affect the quality of paints you will receive.  Have a look at our Customers Comments page for parents comments on recent parties ....

Overtime at parties...please avoid disappointment

It may be possible to pay the painter to stay on for extra time at your party, however, there may be occasions when we are unable to do this.  If you think you'll need us for longer, please tell us at the time of booking that way we can then give you a more specific quotation and allocate the correct amount of time.  Our painters sometimes have strict schedules which they have to adhere to and we would not wish to disappoint other children at the next party, if we arrive late.  If there are more than the arranged number of children at the party when we arrive, we will hand you, the organiser, cards or tickets which can be handed out to those children who are to be painted.   We can of course paint our most effective, quickest designs but we can not be held responsible if we are unable to complete all the children's faces as a result of over booking.

Which ever party you choose - you have to make sure you enjoy yourselves too....... and the more planning you can do the less stressed you'll be on the day.

Dads Beware !!

Our party games include a painting for you by the Birthday child!

Daddy's Tiger by yssy and her friends!

Colin being Spiderman !

We'll help our birthday children to paint their dads, just ask for details.

If you need any help or advice in organising your party, please give me a call.