For quality face & body painting - every time

Helen Elvins has been painting since 2000 when she started with a small kit, painting at her daughter's party, and now her daughter is painting with her as part of the Faces Unlimited team !   Her repertoire (and kit!) has grown to almost infinate proportions and she is now sponsored by Superstar paints, AND never fails to thrill the children and adults alike, creating beautiful butterflies and terrifying tigers.... and as you will see if you click in the gallery pages, thats not all she can do..!

Helen has a background in Business Management and Sales Marketing and is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, so if you have a little one who you think won't sit still...She's the painter for you...with her specialist qualification in working with Children, she is wonderful at interacting with the children and getting the most from their imagination and helping them to creat the best face design for them. 

She has a wonderful way of making the child in front of her feel very special.  Her client focussed attitude to her work spills over into her painting and she is always very professional in her face painting, and when she is working, the client's needs come first.  

So if you ask for quotes whilst she is working, please understand that sometimes this is not possible to give.  Just call her in the office and she will be happy to check dates for you and discuss your requirements, making sure you get the very best from the painters we book for you.

Parents very often tell us that their child wouldn't have their face painted before they saw Helen at work, they can't wait to sit on the big chair and take their turn, some, coming back - time after time, year after year to have faces painted and in most cases, Helen even remembers the face they had before !

Helen is proud to take Faces Unlimited into the next dimension of face painters and extending the Faces Academy has been one of the most enjoyable parts of running the business, providing workshops and learning facilities for children and adults wanting to develop their tallents. 

If you'd like to be a part of the Faces Unlimited Team, Helen would be pleased to hear from you.